Thursday, April 1, 2010

100 Percent

I absolutely positively 100% plan to charm Dan into copycatting this photo with me the very first time I have my camera and a clear sky in the same place this spring.

(Found via Erin Ever After, my newest blog obsession. I kid you not, I want to save every single image on her blog to my inspiration folder.)


Melanie said...

Did you ever get your Chains rug?

kelly (and dan!) said...

Hi Melanie!
No, I did not. We ended up finding a great geometric like rug at Target for $99 that I decided would suffice if it meant saving me $250! I haven't posted a picture yet because I'm (1) HORRIBLE at putting up 'after' pictures of projects, and (2) Still need to paint! Thankfully, the weather is finally getting to a point that we can open the windows and get it done. :)

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