Monday, March 8, 2010

Notes for a Tired Monday

1. I need to either (A) stop throwing parties, or (B) learn to crowd-proof and baby-proof my house when having said parties. Since option A is extremely unlikely... option B it is. On top of all throw pillows and other pricey decorative elements being put away, this will probably also include me becoming one of those anal people that asks everyone to take their shoes off before coming in the house, so consider yourself warned.

For the record, I am not upset, even though the above may sound like it. But, following Saturday's breakfast shindig, I do have a week-old kitchen throw rug that's covered in mud, a brand new WHITE throw pillow that has some sort of food on it, and one dining room chair that is likely going to need to be recovered. While the pillow and throw rug are easily cleaned with a run through the washing machine and some oxi-clean, I'm afraid the chair will not be so simple. Sigh.

2. I am massively out of the loop. I'd never even heard of several big Oscar winners from last night, and for someone as hooked on advertising as I am you'd think the animated short winner Logorama would have been on my radar at some point. There's a great little description of it here, and I'm hoping I can get my hands on a copy this week to watch.

3. I should learn to smell things before purchasing them. Weird, I know. But, I grabbed 2 awesome square baskets at Target a couple of weeks ago that have been hanging out on the front porch in hopes of them airing out... with no luck so far. I'm not even quite sure what they're made of, but the smell they're giving off reminds me of when I heat a pan on the stove too high and then pour olive oil in it... gross. Since I haven't even taken the tags off yet I'm hoping that I can google the name and find some comments somewhere about how to get rid of the smell. Hopefully I can figure something out, because the price was perfect and I don't want to have to return them since they're the perfect fit!

4. I am hooked on sunburst mirrors, like much of the little blog world that I follow. I am currently itching to recreate this entranceway look from (you guessed it) Little Green Notebook, although as per usual, I cannot have a lamp on my little console table due to the lack of a socket to plug it into. Images like this just make me giddy over the upcoming garage sale season as I have high hopes for finding lots of cheap little treasures (like a sunburst mirror or that gorgeous planter) to dress up my home this summer.

In other news, I have the first coat of the Ralph Lauren Regent Metallics paint on my amazing craigslist nightstands, and I am loooooving the subtle sheen. If all goes as planned I'll get out of work at a decent time tonight to make it to Home Depot - I need to buy a mini-roller handle for the 2nd coat - I thought I had one at home but the one I was thinking of is a completely different size and brand.

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