Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I spy...

...Dwell Studio for Target throw pillows that I'm pretty sure I just have to have... even if they do cost about $20 more than I think a pillow should cost.

Because of the funky little flower applique and the amaaaazing chevron pattern on the back basically making this TWO decorative pieces in one, I actually think this one is worth the $25 price tag.

This one doesn't match a darned thing in my house... and that is exactly why I love it. I think the little pop of green would be perfect in the living room.

Another perfect two-in-one candidate, this yellow rosette covered pillow is currently out of stock online, which gives me hope that it may be on clearance somewhere in store? It's always good to have little dreams, right?

1 comment:

City Girl Chicago said...

Ooooh, thanks for bringing these pillows to light! I'm in the midst of the search for the perfect throw pillows, and agree with you ~ that pop of green would be just divine!

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