Monday, March 22, 2010

Long Gone

Wow - March is flying by! I've been insanely busy at work (this is a good thing), insanely lazy at home (often not a good thing), and insanely antsy for the weather to get decent and STAY that way. In true Chicago form, we welcomed in the first official day of spring with a blizzard of snow that accumulated into a couple of inches just 12 hours after we celebrated a 60 degree day. I mean, really?

Somehow, I've let the month of March slide by with a measly two blog entries thus far, which it's a huge difference from my 13 postings in February. Hopefully I can get a couple of good entries in before the month ends! I still have to take some "final" pictures of the dining room, which I've deemed complete with the finishing of the hutch. I also realized last week that I never blogged about my Grandma's buttons project that I completed, I tackled a mess of new recipes for our 2nd Annual St. Patrick's Day breakfast, and I have a slight obsession with the Liberty of London for Target line that I'd like to write about. I've also been decluttering in little bits and pieces and finding it difficult to set a decent amount of time aside for it, so hopefully the longer days with brighter evenings will leave me with a bit more energy to devote to this hugely necessary project.

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City Girl Chicago said...

I hear you ~ March has been a busy month for me as well. Hang in there! :)

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