Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I am forever scheming up ways to do something more than just paint our desperately-needs-a-sprucing-up hallway. While I have toyed with the idea of stenciling before, I sort of walked away from the idea when I admitted to myself that something cool and funky like tree branches would just not be fitting in my mostly run of the mill home.

Today, the ever-inspiring Young House Love showcased a pretty little stencil project that resulted in an awesome pillow, and I (of course) immediately decided it was something I'm going to have to try soon. I've been dying to recover the two pillows I currently have on the couch because they just don't fit, but I've yet to find any fabric that I like enough - or that won't clash with my Pottery Barn rug. This super simple project just might be the cure for a plain colored pillowcase to cover up the stripes I'm looking to hide -

Now this particular stencil just happens to cost a whopping $30, which kind of defeats the idea of a "cheap" makeover for me, but I'm confident I can find a site somewhere on the web with something much more affordable. Or I can always go to Michael's, which I'm loving more and more since a new store opened up in my area.

But... I wasn't talking about pillows, was I. Oh how EASILY I get distracted. The point is, while trendy branches may not fit in my whole house scheme, a nice, clean, simple repeat like the one used on the pillow above would... and that is where another awesome stenciling "after" image (again, from YHL), has turned into a matter of super inspiration for me -

Most beautiful sunroom ever if you ask me! I'm thinking mimicking their floor in my entire hallway would be overkill (not to mention it would take FOREVER and I am just not that patient), but something like this in the entryway/foyer and upstairs in the little space that all of the other rooms branch off of could potentially be absolutely perfect.

Now I just have to talk Dan into it. And find a stencil for less than $30.

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