Thursday, June 3, 2010

Black Thumb

Secret # 182 about me: I cannot manage to keep a plant alive. Not a houseplant, not a potted flower, not a $2 parsley "kit" from Ikea. Nothing. But, I am obsessed with the idea of having an herb garden at home that I can snip little bits from when cooking. I'm convinced that my cooking skills will flourish with the addition of fresh homegrown cilantro, oregano and basil. And no matter how many times I try, and inevitably fail, I am bound and determined to actually succeed in growing something.

So, I'm going to try just one more time to do this whole herb garden thing the "natural" way, before I break down and buy an Aerogarden - which is supposedly idiot proof. (I wonder if I can get my money back if I somehow manage to curse the almighty Aerogarden and end up growing NOTHING at all).

I've always loved the idea of a garden box with herbs in it, but since I would want something all vintage looking and haven't really made it to any decent garage sales yet this year, I'm going to simplify and go for something like the below. I loooove the cute little tags, and let's be honest, just having to water one pot instead of several is probably a good idea. And, this setup will be easy to transport over to Manda to take care of when I'm out of town ;). Wish me luck!

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