Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hiya, Cupcake

I was about to title this post "Tidbits for Monday", and then I remembered that thanks to that glorious little Memorial Day holiday, today is actually TUESDAY. So, even though it feels like a Monday, it's not, and that makes me a happy girl.

Regardless, here's a nice random post for what is thankfully not a Monday -

1. Lauren & Tom are married!!! And good gosh was it incredible. I'm already planning my "pretty please can I copy your _________ idea??" speech for when my own wedding rolls around and I want to steal some of their incredible creativity. Oh, and as far as brides go? Lauren was GORGEOUS. (PS - Lauren: I told our table the story of us becoming cupcake models. I think half of our new friends thought we were insane, and the other half thought it was awesome. Hope I didn't scare anyone.) ;)

2. Thanks to having family in the area, Dan and I got to spend our weekend in Michigan for the wedding out on the lake.

Being out of shape and much less limber than I was as a kid, I was (literally) sorely reminded that water skiing requires a LOT of upper-body strength, which I clearly do not possess. I was up on the skis for a grand total of maybe 10 minutes and my shoulders are in desperate need of a massage. I am also sunburned, though, so a massage is not in the cards. Wah wahhh.

3. With the weather pushing 90 quite a bit in the last couple of weeks (I am NOT complaining), we've done everything in our power to avoid turning the oven on. Unfortunately, this doesn't help my urge to bake. So despite the heat, I think I'm just going to suck it up and make some banana bread or something tonight, if for no other reason than to wear my new apron from Ikea that I'm confident I look like a complete nerd in, but love nonetheless.

4. I want to make this, and use it to stash some fresh goodies in. I haven't had the chance to go yet, but the OP Farmer's Market opened up in May and I can't wait to make it over there for some donuts for breakfast, peonies for the dining room table, and veggies for summer healthy cooking. Maybe it's just me, but strolling around a Farmer's Market just screams summer, and I love that feeling.

5. I got a new bike! Well, a new to me bike. This baby was a measly $30 on craigslist and I learned when we went to pick it up that the seller builds/rebuilds bikes as a hobby, so I left with a guarantee that if anything goes wrong with it all I need to do is call and he'll fix it right up! Knowing how much of a klutz I can be, I know I need to purchase a helmet stat, but I'm already excited to get out on Bev's trail with her for a ride.

Happy short-week!!


The Broken Road said...

Ah. I want to bike with you guys! There is a pretty good trail only blocks from my house and the one over at the graue mill is pretty fun.

Barbara "BEV" said...

Let me know when you are feeling better so we can ride bikes. And we can go to Mary's trail...I'm flexible.

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