Friday, May 28, 2010

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Well, I have once again let my blog go idle for much longer than I would like - and now here I am deciding to update it when I should be doing my timesheets at work so I can leave on time and actually enjoy the half day I am supposed to have. As I've always said about myself - I put the 'pro' in procrastination.

So why has my little blog sat untouched for more than a week, you ask? This week it was because I came to work early, left work late, ran on half as much sleep as I would like, and generally had no motivation left by the time I thought that maybe I should take pictures of the porch to post, or edit the detail shots Manda took for me at my family party so I can share my little DIY project from the night, or type up this year's Summer Projects List that has been scribbled on a post it note above my desk for weeks.

Last week, 9-oh-6 got put on the back burner for something MUCH more important. Something involving a gorgeous white dress, a lot of hair curling, tons of laughter and a few tears, perfect weather, and myself and Dan becoming absolute exacto knife professionals. That's right... last week was Erin's wedding!!!!! (and here's a few more exclamation points for good measure, because it was just that good - !!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Here's some of my favorite pictures floating around on facebook in the aftermath. I believe these are a mixture of photos from Kim, Erin's MOH Sarah, and Nikki's sister.

Isn't she STUNNING??

Erin, Jake and Kadence - what a cute family!

My favorite little girl in the world -

Menu cards! One of the many fun projects Dan and I cranked out for the wedding -

Programs - another project of ours. These were a TON of work but I absolutely loved how they turned out. Special thanks to Amanda and Theresa for their help with these!

Erin invited me to spend the afternoon getting ready with her and her bridesmaids, and I loved all of the time I got to spend with her and Kadence that day. (Side note - I still laugh every time I think about how Dan thought Erin and I wouldn't get along when we first met, and instead she quickly became one of my closest friends and someone I confide in and love laughing with!) I had a new dress, my makeup done by Erin's insanely talented friend, and my hair curled by a family friend - so despite still being sick I felt great. Dan twirled me around and attempted to teach me a new salsa step, I managed to get Mr. Lawler out on the dance floor at the end of the night, and Nikki did her usual good job of keeping the dancing going through most every song :). I got to see some of my favorites of Dan's extended family (Hi Aunt Claire!) and since I recommended friends of mine as Erin's photographer and DJ I got to spend some quality time with them as well. I got a ridiculous amount of compliments for all of the details Dan and I helped out with, and as a thank you Mr. Lawler put us up in a hotel for the night which proved to be good thinking as we were definitely not looking to drive home after such a long day. All in all, the day could not have been better and I couldn't be happier for Erin and Jake!

I truly do plan to post about the front porch and other little things soon, but first I'm going to enjoy the long weekend celebrating with more awesome friends for their wedding. Eek! I. Can't. Wait.

Happy Memorial Day!

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