Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Dan is out of town (again) and I am missing him like woah. But, to keep me sane he's done all sorts of little cute things from afar, and that makes me happy. Like, much happier than listening to Brad Paisley's "She's Everything" on repeat because I'm a sappy loser.

Last week, when he had .7 seconds to spare he'd jump online and send me an "I love you" IM, which would make me happy and then tick me off that I'd missed a chance to talk to him. He called me every single morning last week regardless of the fact that he'd barely slept, because I whined that I didn't like not talking to him before going to work, and I'd rather wake up to my phone ringing than my f'ing alarm clock. And among other things, he sent me yet another "love is..." comic the other day that I swear he paid the artist to create and print on a perfectly fitting day.

Thankfully, I have awesome friends who go above and beyond every single summer to keep me busy and entertained while Dan is traveling. I went to Duckfat with Vince and Eddie last night, tonight is the much-anticipated Foiled Cupcakes anniversary party with Lauren, and tomorrow night is dinner with Rob. And THEN, I'm spending the weekend babysitting with Manda and making some serious cash, which I plan to buy myself a birthday present with... I just haven't decided what yet.

Happy Wednesday!

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Barbara "BEV" said...

I love the love is.

That's one of the weirdest sentences ever.

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