Monday, July 26, 2010

Tired Monday

I'm exhausted. I stayed up too late and woke up too early, and work has been slightly on the boring side today so things are just dragging along. In between stalking a vendor that's taking their sweet time getting back to me on something, I've done a lot of daydreaming about a happy medium at work - it seems that I'm either so bored I'm ready to rip my hair out, or so busy I'm... ready to rip my hair out. There has to be a perfect in-between somewhere, doesn't there?!?

I've also done my usual slow-day blog trolling and found a bunch of new inspiration images. Go figure.

- My upcoming anniversary and images like this always make me wish I was more artistically skilled:

- I need some stripes somewhere in my house...:

- ...Or some pattern. Which would be perfection in my entryway. And that console table color reminds me of the Ralph Lauren Regent Metallics I've attempted on the infamous nightstands:

- Pretty sure when I get engaged I will require a shot like this in our engagement photos. Thankfully, Dan's truck will be PERFECT for it:

- I need one of these stamps (PS - I have a birthday coming up. Just saying):

- These would be fun, easy DIY gifts to make:

- Clearly, getting to the "change something" part of this isn't so easily done... but I'm working on it:

And in food news (because I can barely go an hour without talking about food in some way)...

- I made Noble Pig's Corn & Basil Cakes last night and not only are they ridiculously easy, they are absolutely to DIE for. Apparently corn and basil are a match made in heaven. Who knew.

- Chef Brian Merel swept into my house Friday night and I am head over heels for his jokes, his food, and his ability to teach me to calm me down in the kitchen and just ENJOY cooking. The night will have it's own blog post soon enough, complete with the menu that I'm still drooling over.

- And finally, I already have my outfit picked out for Wednesday night's Foiled Cupcakes 1st Anniversary Party, which I will be attending with my favorite cupcake-modeling-partner, Lauren. I'll be sure to eat a (light) dinner beforehand so I don't end up with a sugar high headache, but rest assured I will be consuming as many non-chocolate cupcakes as humanly possible in a 2 hour span... and I will likely blog about that later as well. :)

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