Monday, July 19, 2010

Makeover Attempt - Round 2

Truth be told, I have done next to nothing on my dream bedroom makeover that I originally wrote about in February. We did get a rug (not the chains one I originally sourced for the room), and I love how it warmed up the room and sort of grounded the bed. As mentioned before, I've put one coat of paint on my nightstands, but have yet to finish them up. In my own defense, I've had a difficult time deciding if I want to actually use the fancy mini-roller I bought to give the finished pieces a bit of a textural look, or if I want to do the second coat of paint flat like the first. I was excited to try out the texture, but the flat look of the Ralph Lauren Regent Metallics in the first coat is perfectly subtle and I may want to stick with that. I think about it every time I go into the basement to do laundry and see the nightstands sitting there waiting for me to finish them up! Maybe one of these days I'll just flip a coin and go from there. :)

We also bought some great brown curtains at Target that took the room to an entirely new level. They're still paired with the baby blue walls, which I don't love, but I'm confident a fresh coat of paint from my original bedroom moodboard will take it from pseudo-nursery-looking to a "grown-up" looking space that's perfect for us.

Today, Dan and I are discussing our bed, which is currently a full size. I'm really set on finally putting a bed in the extra bedroom SOON, and we realized recently that we could fit our current full size frame in there instead of just a twin, which would be great for guests! If we were to do that, we feel it would make the most sense to invest in a queen size frame for ourselves, since a full isn't terribly huge... and why not have a bigger bed if we have to buy a new one anyways? Measurements show that a queen is a mere 6 inches larger than a full, but I've been told that the extra little space makes a HUGE difference when sleeping next to someone.

Knowing that this wasn't really an investment we've been planning for, I'd love to get a new bed frame on a major budget (go figure), and spend a little more money on a new quality mattress. A nice simple frame would be perfect as I am absolutely dead set on a DIY upholstered headboard, so I'm also on the hunt for the perfect fabric.

This Ikea bed is sort of serving as very basic inspiration for me. Plain as it is, I love the clean lines. I also like the idea of a NON-pleated bedskirt in a nice neutral color.

If I go with a neutral color (which I think Dan would like more than a pattern), it'd be fun to make a footboard to match, like in the Ikea bed and this inspiration photo that I'm hooked on -

I feel like the dark floor is a crucial part of this exact palette (ours are much lighter), but I do love the linen look of the bed, and the silver bedside table brings in the color of my nightstands. The wall color looks like a soft grayish-blue, and while I would probably get rid of my chocolate brown accent wall in this case, there is the potential that it could serve as a way to bring in the richer tones of the leather ottoman and dark floors in this room. Although the color scheme is slightly different than my original moodboard, I do love the color and the feel of this room overall and it may just be the image that changes my mind (again) about the final look I'm going for.

While I don't dislike the tufting above, I don't have the materials or experience to do it, and think I would rather go with nailhead trim, which seems like it could bring in a bit of a masculine feel for the guy in the room and is super simple to add for a look like these -

Although I would stick with a straighter footboard - if doing one at all, I love the shaped headboards. Again, in the first image I'm hooked on the flat bedskirt.

The other route to take, of course, is a patterned headboard. I like something soft and neutral -

But also love brighter, bolder looks -

There's obviously an overwhelming amount of options for fabric choices, but for some reason I'm being drawn to greens.

In all of my searching I still haven't found a fabric I love quite as much as Amy Butler's Tree Peony in Lime, which was in my original moodboard and is the first image on the left above. Shown on a larger scale though, I'm worried it may be overwhelming -

I'm also a fan of blues - specifically navy - and think it would look great against a lighter wall and the metallic-ish nightstands.

If I go with a simple shape and skip extras like nailhead trim, it would be super simple to switch out fabrics if I were to tire of one. There's even the potential to become one of those people that switches out decor based on the season - the Amy Butler light green would be perfect for spring and summer, while the Joel Dewberry Dogwood Bloom in Lake (navy swatch on the far left above) would be fitting in the fall and winter months. (I'm mostly kidding about that statement... but it is a possibility, and I can't say it isn't tempting.)

Unfortunately, ALL of the above could be completely scratched if measuring shows the nightstands won't fit in the room with a queen sized bed - I'm pretty certain they won't. I did pay a measly $25 for the pair, so I could always try to sell them back on craigslist and find slightly smaller ones if we really want a queen sized bed...

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