Friday, August 27, 2010

Wanted: Sewing teacher

Thanks to Kate over at Centsational Girl (one of my favorite bloggers who I've mentioned here several times before), I've got a newfound drool-worthy site for affordable fabric - Tonic Living. I can clearly picture each of my top picks below in a specific place in my home, but the truth is that most all of them would fit perfectly into almost any room, making it easy to switch decor around for a new look whenever I want.

There are TONS of great options over at Tonic Living, and the best part is that nearly all of the fabrics go for under $10 a yard! Seeing as I've fallen in love with some that run well over $40 a yard (seriously?), this was the perfect site for me to stumble on. Now I just need to learn to sew some simple things like pillow covers, and I'll be good to go!

Lighter and more colorful, but reminds me of the Amy Butler Tree Peony fabric I love -

So, so, SO hooked on greens lately. Especially the chevron (top left) -

Two favorites that would work in so many different places in the house -

Another knockoff of the Anthropologie Love Letters sheets Leah sourced -

Lots of pretty pops of yellow -

In other 9-oh-6 news, our puppy remains unnamed (I know, I know - I'm trying!!), but he is an absolute JOY to have around. Housebreaking is going much better than I expected - knock on wood - and even though he wakes me up much earlier than I'm used to, I love how excited he is to see me each morning and every day when I get home from work. Plans for the weekend include puppy-proofing the upstairs since I'm sure he'll be getting up there soon enough, trying my hand at a fancy truffled lobster risotto for dinner, Bev's birthday party (!!!), and lots and lots of laundry. It's the last Summer Friday at work, so I'm watching the clock and planning to get out of here at 1:00 on the dot!

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Barbara "BEV" said...

Weird...I didn't even realize this was up before my birthday. I had already planned on teaching you to sew. If you aren't too busy this weekend, it might be a good time to get a start. I can show you some basics that you will need and how to start with a pillow. I'm not a very advance seamtress...but I can make things work. Looking forward to it!

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