Monday, September 20, 2010

The Little Things

I have an overstuffed accordion file of pages I've ripped out of magazines, folders on every computer desktop available to me full of images I've saved from all of my web/blog browsing, and a stack of perfection on paper that I swear I'll hang on a bulletin board above my desk one of these days. All of this is my inspiration... I'm a visual person and thrive on finding a photo of a room that I think is absolutely perfect and trying to mimic it on a budget in my own home. More recently, since the "big" stuff in the house is mostly done and major furniture purchases were made way back when we first moved, I instead study details and specifics more than the overall look. There's a multitude of little tweaks I want to make in the house, whether it be restyling the objects on top of the hutch (as I did this weekend), hanging artwork, or changing out lighting fixtures. Here's some of the latest images catching my eye, mostly for the house, but with a couple randoms mixed in...

Oh, how badly I want gray walls somewhere in our house. I currently have squares of gray painted in a bunch of spots throughout the hallway from testing Behr's "Dolphin Fin", and while I think it's perfect, there's some drywall work that needs to be done before I can actually paint. Also sort of obsessed with the ottoman poof in this image -

...And the pops of yellow in the one below. Will I ever get sick of gray and yellow together? Probably not. -

Kind of hooked on statement light fixtures lately. Likely because I've been spending a lot of time staring at the eyesore in our entryway that I've recently decided MUST be replaced with something I can spray paint, because my solution for everything these days is "just spray paint it" -

Um, hello window seat, please find a place in my house. I want to nap right. there. right. now. -

The day my pantry is this gorgeous is the day I can die happy. I especially love the ice cream cones in easy reach, and the fact that this family and myself clearly share a mutual love for an over abundance of cereal choices. -

I would like this chair in a color other than pink, please. And that black end table. And the patterned couch. Basically, this is perfection in a girly room, which clearly has no place in my house, but is incredible regardless. -

A moody navy statement wall that just works. Straight from the pages of Rue, for you, Bethanie. ;) -

I never thought I'd LOVE a china cabinet, but I stand corrected. Although, I would likely never put any actual china in it. -

This room is basically everything I've ever wanted, as it just feels "normal" and easy and comfortable. It's a nice room with nice things, but I wouldn't be afraid to have little ones running around in it. Unlike many rooms that are clearly styled, this one feels like you could actually live in this house. -

This makes me want to change it up this year for New Year's Eve and throw a fancy schmancy party with lots and lots of shimmery balloons. Who wouldn't love an excuse to buy a silver dress like the girl in front? -

And finally, pretty sure I'm going to buy a ton of vanilla sandwich cookies and make this. I might not even wait until I have an excuse to do so because it's just too great to not do it immediately. -

Happy Monday!

(Apologies for not linking to 99% of these. I save so many images I rarely know where I actually got them from. And, I'm lazy.)

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