Thursday, September 30, 2010

TV time... with blogs!

I like to think that I don't watch a ton of TV, but truth be told, ever since we got DVR and I can record whatever I want, I definitely watch a little more than I used to. Outside of a few sitcoms most of what I watch has to do with food and cooking, or interior design and homegoods. So, at least I'm learning and finding inspiration instead of wasting hours away on reality TV, right? (Wrong - I'm a total sucker for The Bachelor franchise and cried at nearly every episode of The Biggest Loser a couple seasons ago. Don't judge.)

My latest favorites include a couple of new to the spotlight girls, and a couple of stars who have been around a bit longer but are working on new ventures that I am sickly excited to follow along with.

Now I know I'm not the only one who loves the above mentioned Bachelor series, which means I am certainly not the only one who has a girl crush on Jillian Harris, who was dumped by Jason (moron) on his season, duped by Wes (moron) on her own season, and hooked on Ed (moron) who eventually became her fiance... and then her ex. Regardless of a rollercoaster love life, Jillian has an INSANE style that I would love to copy when it comes to my wardrobe and my home. And (!!!) she's starting a permanent position on Extreme Home Makeover so I can oogle over the genius work she does with interiors on a weekly basis. A girl after my own heart, Jillian has recently started blogging, and one of the first images I spotted was this:

Umm, I spy a throw pillow with my latest favorite line! Remember my obsession with the artwork sporting the same quote? (Yep, still need to DIY that one).

I'm also in love with the colors in Jillian's room (which I'm thinking must be in her old home with Ed thanks to the "E" and "J" on the wall?), and am fairly certain my next home will be full of neutrals thanks to inspiration images like hers. For now I can focus instead on bringing some similar elements into my existing rooms - such as clusters of artwork and small personal touches.

The most recent HGTV Design Star winner, Emily Henderson, also has a fabulous blog, not to mention some fabulous talent. The pilot episode of "Secrets of a Stylist" was full of inspiration thanks to Emily making over several rooms in co-creator of Glee Ian Brennan's home.

Emily's biggest project for Ian's home was his living space, which took on three distinct looks throughout the episode, ending with the above. OBSESSED with the metallic trunk as a coffee table, the poof on the floor, the floating furniture layout, and those built-in bookshelves. A room this size and shape would be a blast to decorate.

More yellow and gray. I can't ever get enough. Again - an amazing trunk being used as a table, and that antique mirror is incredible. I'm working insanely hard to learn to mix patterns like Emily has done here with the bedspread, throw pillows and wallpaper.

The "Secrets of a Stylist" series has been picked up for 26 episodes, and I'm excited to see what Emily does with future projects.

Then there's Nate Berkus. Oh, Nate. I've set up a series recording so I don't miss a single episode of the brand new "Nate Show", and have already cried on at least 3 separate occasions while watching him transform people's troubled lives through their kitchens and living rooms. He's charming, funny and (obviously) stylish, and I am completely and totally enamored by him and his show. I know he's been around thanks to Oprah for awhile, and while I've always been aware of him, I didn't care much until I started in on decorating my own space. Lately, I've been dreaming about adding a bunch of elements from his collection for HSN in my house!

Such as this PERFECT bedding. A little pricey at $99 for me, but if I don't find anything else I love this much soon, I may splurge a little and get it. He also sells a plain clean lined bedskirt that looks just like the one in this photo, only it seems some simple ribbon trim was added - easy enough to do the same and copy the look!

The rug shown in the bedroom above is even more amazing in blue. Again, a little expensive for me with a runner coming in at $99, but loving it nonetheless. This would be an amazing compliment to the blue in the living room and against the gray that will soon be in the hallway.

This little guy would do great as a nightstand or an end table in the living room -

I don't know why, but I adore this bowl -

Other new TV favorites include the latest "Next Food Network Star" Aarti Sequeira's "Aarti Party" show (she has a blog too!!) and NBC's "Outsourced", which isn't about food or interior design at all, but stars Parvesh Cheena who is not only hilarious but is also a bff of one of MY bff's, which practically means I know him personally.

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