Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A day late

I'm back from six days of what can be described as nothing other than "complete and total sensory overload" in wonderful New Orleans... and I am utterly exhausted. I'm quite proud of myself for how well I kept up with the nightlife - I only ditched out once to go to bed, and even that was after several drinks and lots of dancing at an event earlier that evening. I haven't uploaded any of my pictures yet but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there's some good shots in there, as I found two big white frames in a closet at home that I'd forgotten about and I'm dying to blow up some of my own photos to hang in the house.

I had my snazzy new Nikon D3000 SLR with me for the trip, and spent an awful lot of time paranoid that I was either going to lose it or break it. I'm hoping that as I get more acclimated to it I'll also become more comfortable just having it with me. I did buy a case before we left, but it's bulky and inconvenient, and takes up a TON of space in the large tote I carried around for that reason alone.

I'm back to the grind today and checking in on my favorite blogs and I saw this! -
Simple and understated, this bag is part of a line from Jo Totes - camera bags for ladies! These gorgeous bags have adjustable/removable interior pads that you can switch around to fit your camera, PLUS your wallet, keys, phone and other random items that inevitably end up in your purse. Here's a shot of an interior setup -

While I love a big pop of color and think the turquoise and mustard yellow bags are also perfect, I like the style of the gray bag above a little better and think in the long run I'd appreciate the neutral color.

I'll just go ahead and add this to my Christmas list for myself.

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dot•dot•blog said...

I've actually been eyeing that same bag....in gray no less! I even entered to win it through a blog the other day :)

Hope you had fun in New Orleans....can't wait to see pics!

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