Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Store Crush

Hello 9-oh-6 friends! If you've been checking in on me on Turquoise Flats at all I'm sure you know I am knee-deep in wedding planning... and absolutely loving it.

Outside of the actual day-of planning, one of the toughest things we've done is without a doubt also one of the most fun - registering! I mean, who wouldn't love making a giant wish list of everything they've ever wanted?!? The tough part comes in when I try to look at the big picture and keep the overall look of our house cohesive. This is especially difficult for me since I've already put such a huge amount of time into making our house our home over the last couple of years, and now I have a chance to almost start over with new things, but in a house that already has color and character. Hmm.

I mentioned forever ago that I couldn't imagine picking out just one set of dishes, as I've always loved the look of crisp white with metallic or colorful accents... and that is exactly what we're doing. Perhaps not surprising, Dan and I picked out the least expensive dishes in all of Crate & Barrel, and even when we tried to talk ourselves into "nicer" ones we were still hooked on our original choice. So, we added in patterned salad plates and nice flatware. My overall hope is that I can stick to neutrals (a VERY difficult task for me, self-proclaimed color fiend), and add in pops of color and pattern in the details. I'm also attempting to stick to the "classics", like a white butter dish and gravy boat, and a stainless steel wine cooler - in hopes that I'll still love them years later when my taste changes.

But then places like my favorite West Elm come out with stunning summery items that make me want to drop all the boring white pieces and instead ask for fun whimsical items, like this yellow owl butter dish (Stacey - this owl stuff is calling your name!!!) -

Or these nesting owl measuring cups -

I also (shocker) love these turquoise measuring cups, but feel that both these and the owl ones may be slightly impractical and tough to actually use - 

These patterned bowls would pair perfectly with white dishes, wouldn't they? -

These mugs make me wish I drank coffee -

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