Friday, May 20, 2011

Claim to Fame

So, we were in a magazine. When I cut out the article to finally frame last night I realized I never blogged about our 15 seconds of fame, so I took a couple of quick pictures this morning to show off!

Here's how the entire thing went down -
Last fall, I saw a twitter posting from The Nest (the homey version of The Knot) looking for "our next real couple!"... So I responded, figuring nothing would come of it... but the next day I got an email from someone at The Nest saying they would love to feature Dan and I on their blog! I was thrilled... and Dan was not, but he was a good sport and answered all of the little interview questions with me. I sent in a bunch of pictures with our responses, and sat back and waited. A couple months later when I realized I hadn't seen anything online, I sent a quick email to the rep who responded with a cheery "We loved you guys so much we decided to feature you in our upcoming magazine instead of the blog!"

Now, if you know Dan and I at all you can probably imagine our reactions - I was entirely THRILLED with this news, while Dan was... not. But, a couple weeks later we had a copy of The Nest in our mailbox with a sweet note from the rep I worked with congratulating us on our engagement (we were not engaged yet when we originally worked with her - the article actually quotes me saying "someday when we get married" as I had no idea it would actually be happening anytime soon!)

As you can see, our little Louie Louie (who is definitely not so little anymore) and our precious 9-oh-6 are both pictured, along with a couple of my all-time favorite shots of Dan and I - 

So, the article is now sitting pretty in a simple Ikea frame on the little cabinet I found, along with a $5 clearance lamp from Target that I'm planning to dust off and spray paint this weekend. The lampshade was just another $5 at Ikea and I'm thinking I can dress it up a bit with some ribbon or something. It's supposed to rain AGAIN all weekend so I still don't know when I'll have the chance to sand the cabinet down so I can actually paint it, but with the long holiday weekend coming up I'm really hoping I can finish up that little project soon!

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