Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Piece of cake

While I have my moments (few and far between) of creative genius, the sad truth is that I don't have a single TRUE artistic bone in my body. I do, however, do a fairly good job of drawing inspiration from others - more often than not in the form of something I saw on someone else's bog. Today, when checking out my daily sites, I saw a sale on Hautelook for artwork, and a quick look left me with newfound inspiration to find a few old pieces of wood and paint on it for easy custom art.

I don't recall if we have any old wood left around our house that we tore down/replaced, but if we do, it would be so insanely easy to paint a big old "9-oh-6" on it and have it as a keepsake for years to come, even after we've moved and have a new address.

Here's some of my favorites from the sale...

Perfect for the kitchen... or the breakfast nook I am dying to have in my next home -
Simple ways to say "I love you" -
How awesome would this be with a silhouette of our little Louie Louie? -
In "real" house news, I was excited to blog about my found cabinet makeover soon - it's all painted and looks FABULOUS - but the last step was to line the inside of the cabinets with paper and I nearly lost a chunk of my finger trying to use an xacto knife to do this part of the project the other night... so that will be put on hold until my finger heals or Dan decides to do it for me... we'll see which comes first :).

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