Monday, August 8, 2011


I don't think I've ever been as excited about my house as I am today. Here's why -

I'm working on freelance project with my friend Jeff, who had to email his committee today with my address so they could cut a check for my portion of the payment. One member of the team wrote him back the following:

A small world incident just occurred - that address is my Grandparents old home - they lived there for a long time (until the died about 20 years ago). My father was raised in that home. Very strange ....

Small world indeed!!! I, of course, immediately wrote Jeff back and included links from the blog here, so his friend could see what their grandparent's home looks like today - decades later. I was already excited and didn't think anything more would really come of it, until I got another email...

Per our earlier conversation - I emailed my sister and she emailed me a few pictures of the inside of the house. Feel free to share the pictures with your friend.

I squealed before I even saw the attachments, and called work friends over right away to check them out with me. Here it is friends - our beloved dining room at 906... several decades ago! -

(click the image to view larger!)

For reference, here's a recent shot of the room now, although my handy yellow cabinet isn't there yet -

I really cannot even begin to express my sheer excitement over this entire situation, and have been grinning ear to ear here at work since the email arrived. Dan agrees that seeing a little glimpse of the history of our house is incredible, and I can't wait to hear my Dad's reaction to it as he tends to find things like this pretty cool himself.

Looking at the "before" and "after" photos side by side, Dan and I both agree that we wish the gorgeous stained glass in the small windows and the hutch doors was still there when we purchased the house. The fact that the trim is already white in this old photo makes me question if it was EVER stripped wood, and I'm curious when the walls went from what looks like paneling to the smooth drywall we have now. 

I already have someone here at work printing the photo for me so I can frame it for our current dining room. I have no doubts that I will never tire of looking at the old picture next to what the room looks like now! 

A huge thanks to Angie Kelly and Bryan Dunlap for taking time out of their Monday to share photos from their grandparents' time at 906! And a big thanks to Jeff for passing it all along to Dan and I! 

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AEK said...

So glad you liked the photo. It is a very typical shot of my grandmother's family gathered together for Sunday dinner. Our family is so ecstatic to have found your blog and love how much care you and your fiance are putting into the old house. Please let me know if you have any questions, etc.
Angie Kelly

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