Thursday, May 28, 2009


The title of this posting is twofold...

1. Check my first thing off the Summer Project To-Do List... I ordered the curtains I posted about yesterday after reassurance from my mom and my newest work buddy Lauren that they are a perfect match. So, "settle on curtains for the living room" is officially marked off the list. Obviously, this required very little actual work on my part, leaving the much bigger projects still undone, but hey - I had to start somewhere! And really, anyone who knows me (or reads this blog) can probably understand that finally choosing curtains IS a big deal, seeing as I am insanely indecisive about implementing patterns in my home.

2. Check... paid to the order of myself and Dan! We closed on our refinance today over lunch! I was excited to actually get to sign my name this time around, and on Tuesday I'll get to pick up the hefty check that we're using for all of our exciting home improvement projects on the Summer Project List. Yay!

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