Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We're back from DC where we spent a whirlwind Memorial Day weekend celebrating Dan's cousin's wedding, Nikki's 21st, and Michael's 30th (all in one night I might add)... and then Dan and I stuck around an extra few days to relax, play tourist, and all in all just enjoy some quality time together (and with Noni, who graciously housed us for our extended stay).

I got up the guts (read: had a few coronas) to tell Deli (the bride) just how much I loved her wedding decorating and details which were perfectly infused with TURQUOISE. That's right people, my favorite color, expressed beautifully in a DIY wedding. Needless to say, I was a teeny bit upset that someone I know did it first, but then after talking with Deli and getting to know her a bit better I ended up thrilled to know someone that appreciates the brightness, fun and sophistication of my favorite color. Deli went on to tell me how flattered she was that I loved her style, and we decided that since our names rhyme and we both love weddings, we should OBVIOUSLY start a wedding planning business one of these days! Whether or not that dream ever comes true, one thing is for certain - I will be turning to her for tips one of these days when my own (turquoise) wedding rolls around.

(Yes, I did just write an entire paragraph about the color turquoise. If you think that's weird you obviously have not read much of this blog. I. Love. That. Color.)

And speaking of my non-existent own wedding, I would just like to let out a huge virtual sigh of relief that the "So when are you getting married???" questions were kept to a minimum - even with Deli and I chatting wedding colors half the night. Although I have to agree with Dan's mom that he COULD have snagged the prize in the garter toss! Instead, nobody caught it, and all of the single guys quite literally jumped away from it until the bride's brother (one of my favorite of Dan's relatives) finally decided to take one for the team and pick the darned thing up.

So, we're home and I'm thankful that by watching my blackberry the last couple days I don't think my 2-day week at work will be too crazy. Of course I planned to go to bed early tonight, but sans-internet for the last 5 days left me with lots of blog-reading to catch up on. A couple of the wedding blogs I follow tied the knot over the long weekend, I saw a few new recipes I'm already itching to try, and I spotted these just-funky-enough curtain panels over at one of my new favorite blogs - Centsational Girl.

Seeing as I absolutely canNOT seem to settle on a rug (or curtains for that matter) for the living room since my infatuation with the beloved Bridget Rug from Pottery Barn got shut down when it sold out (clearly, before I purchased it)... I'm wondering if I should take the leap, buy these panels, and settle on a nice plain solid color rug to finish the room up already. The colors in these curtains will perfectly tie the living room and dining room together, and they're more affordable than tons of others I've seen.

In other news... I will have an insanely exciting post tomorrow night that I am already a little giddy about. Lots of pictures to come with it!...

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