Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wide Open

The long anticipated posting is here... here's more pictures than you could ever possibly want to see of our new WINDOWS!!!!

A couple of "during" pictures -

Here's the giant gaping hole in the living room before the new window went in -

And the beautiful after! (with Mr. Big on tv in the living room) I LOVE the grid pattern on the side windows here -

Hello dining room window that actually opens! -

The biggest transformation of all is the view of the house from the outside with all of the porch windows redone and all of the horrible awnings removed.

Here's the before -

The during -

And the after! -

Now that the awnings are gone we have some scraping and painting to do on the fascia boards, but other than that I'm hoping that over the weekend we can finish up the "curb appeal" project on my Summer list. Apparently Home Depot sells several different types of lilac bushes so I might need to get my dad to take a trip there with me to pick out the best ones for our area before I buy them.

Considering I have been anticipating all the new windows for WEEKS, I am extremely excited that they are all finished and ready to let some fresh air in to the house!

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