Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Hutch... Almost

Well, my patience (or lack thereof) is being tested yet again as I am anxiously awaiting a shipment from a random company I found online that sells drawer knob backplates. It always drives me crazy that little tiny things (like these backplates) can hold up a project to no end. But, I digress. The fun part is that as soon as we get the backplates - which I've been told will unfortunately not be for another week at least - we'll be able to screw them on and then the hutch I've been talking about since last year will FINALLY be done! In fact, with the completion of the hutch will come the official completion of the entire dining room, so I'm excited for the opportunity to blog about the whole thing and all of the work we've put into it.

Now, I'm honestly not sure where we even got the idea to do ANYTHING with the hutch, minus fill it up with wine glasses and replace the missing glass on the one door... but somehow in all of the "oohing" and "aahing" and fantasizing about how our little house would turn into our home, we decided to strip off all of the paint and refinish this (now) gorgeous built-in that I've been told just makes the room. (Personally, I think my capiz pendant lamp is what really makes the room unique, but to each his own!)

As a little taste of what's to come, here's a picture of the hutch covered in coats and coats of paint long before we even owned the house -

Unfortunately, some of the original hardware (also painted white) was damaged and tarnished underneath all of the paint, and I decided a long time ago that after putting so much time into this thing the least we could do was put some fun knobs and pulls on the drawers. Well... finding pulls that fit the existing 2 inch holes turned out to be more difficult than I was imagining, so we decided to go with knobs on all of the drawers and put the above mentioned backplates behind them to cover the old holes. I talked Dan into the Granita Knob for the drawers and Ceramic Melon Knob for the doors, both from Anthropologie. Seeing as we've already screwed the knobs into the existing holes so the drawers are at least usable while we wait for the backplates, here's hoping I like them together as much as I think I will.

Here's my quick Photoshop mockup of the two pieces together -

I'll post final pictures of the whole thing once the backplates are here!

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City Girl Chicago said...

Kelly it's all so pretty ~ the hutch, and the knobs! :)

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