Monday, February 8, 2010

Freeze Me

Thanks to our teeny tiny kitchen, we also have a teeny tiny refrigerator... and therefore a teeny tiny freezer. Teeny to the point that between a box of frozen waffles and a couple of pizzas the thing is practically full. Last year, my parents jumped on a freezer deal at Jewel that we've been waiting to see again, and a trip to the store with Manda yesterday turned out to be successful as we saw the sale running again through today (2/8) only.

Here's the deal - Buy an Igloo 5.2 cubic foot freezer for $149 with preferred card, get $150 worth of free item coupons for frozen foods to stock your new freezer with. A little quick math shows that this makes the freezer, essentially, FREE! That's my kind of deal, so you'd better believe we jumped on it right away last night. (For future reference - grocery shopping in the middle of the Super Bowl is glorious. We practically had the store to ourselves.)

Isn't it handy looking?

We need to make sure it's "up to code" to plug it in next to the washer and dryer in the basement, so I haven't rushed out to gather all our free frozen items just yet, BUT I do have to say I'm excited about them. Lots of ice cream treats we wouldn't typically buy (like Skinny Cow sundae cones), frozen fruit and veggies, "fancy" frozen pizza brands, tater tots and french fries (perfect for bbqs in the summer), ravioli (yum), and lots of other good stuff!

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