Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Why don't adults get snow days? If I had one today I would...

...maybe - keyword being MAYBE - try to talk Dan into bundling up to build a snowman in the yard.
...stay cozy in a long hoodie, some leggings and my slipper boots (that I got for 15 cents at Old Navy a few weeks ago and have barely taken off since).
...work on finishing up a couple of projects I started over the weekend (including the buttons project and the copycat artwork for above our bed).
...watch The Bachelor since I missed it last night (TV at it's best, I know).
...bake banana bread (which I'm doing tonight regardless).
...try and convince myself that spending $25 for a tote bag is ok as long as I love it as much as I love this (spotted by a work pal!)

...drool over these office supplies (saw them here)

...and ask my lovely boyfriend to find "Welcome to Macintosh" for me online. It's a CNBC special on Macs that I apparently missed, but am now aware of thanks to The Lil Bee.

Clearly, I did NOT get a snow day today and I'm writing this at work while trying to pretend there isn't a blizzard outside that I'm going to have to commute home in just a couple of hours from now. Sigh.

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City Girl Chicago said...

I hear you ~ I think commuting to work is just as hard (if not harder) than commuting to school as a kid! I shouldn't complain too much though ~ right now I'm in a situation where I can sometimes work from home :)

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