Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Some notes for this afternoon, which is so far moving waaaay too slowly for my liking.

1. I got my backplates for the hutch!!! I have 3 words for this - About. Damn. Time.

2. I made Pioneer Woman's Monkey Muffins that I mentioned here. Seeing as Manda, Dan and I devoured 10 of them in, um, about 10 minutes flat, I think it's safe to say they were a hit. AND they only took 20 minutes from the time I started to the time they were done baking. YUM.

3. I found the original "You have my whole heart..." artwork that I've become obsessed with copying for my own room... FOR $300. Yeah. So, that gives me about 275 reasons to figure out a way to make it myself, since I'm fairly certain I can do it for around $25.

4. I'm on the hunt for the perfect pair of nightstands. We currently have one, and it drives me INSANE that there is nothing matching on the other side of the bed. Ikea doesn't sell the one we have anymore, which has given me the perfect excuse to try and find some at a thrift store that I can paint. And while Dan is usually not a fan of me painting pieces ("Why can't you just leave them alone as they are?"), he understands that I'm looking to spend next to nothing on said nightstands, so for the most part it seems like he doesn't care what I plan to do with them.

Little Green Notebook strikes again with an amazing tutorial on silver leafing dressers, which I am reeeeeeally tempted to try depending on the pieces I find... but that might be pushing it for the boy.

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