Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Grandma would have loved it

Since I am 100% NOT "in the know", I am likely one of the last people to hear about the upcoming John Derian for Target homegoods line, which is apparently available online and in stores beginning September 5. A decoupage artist that I typically could not afford to purchase from, New York-based Derian's style is compared to 18th and 19th century illustrations. Not usually one for an "older" look, I find a strange comfort in these designs that remind me of things my grandmother would have loved, updated just enough to have a modern feel.

From what I'm reading, it seems this is not Derian's first collaboration with my heaven-on-Earth, Target. But, as a still fairly new homeowner, now I care, whereas gorgeous collections like this would not have caught my eye in the past. As with the Liberty of London line that I drooled over a few months ago, I am itching to get my hands on nearly everything that's going to be available. The prices are right up my alley with nothing over $25, and unlike many of the Liberty patterns, Derian's pieces look to be extremely gender-neutral, which is always great for cohabiters like Dan and myself. And, as much as I love bright fun patterns, the more muted feel of the Derian line will fit seamlessly into the house with pretty much no effort at all.

I found several images with info blurbs just by googling, but I really struck gold when I managed to find the online look-book, which I read elsewhere was only available to writers and editors for previewing. (Somehow I doubt I really found anything I wasn't supposed to see, but still, I can pretend).

Here's a roundup of (way too many) items that I'd love to snag from the limited edition collection. Since I missed out on a bunch of the Liberty items that I really really wanted, I plan to get to Target bright and early on the 5th to shop before everything is gone. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like there will be bedding available, which I'm currently on the hunt for, but I'm sure I'll manage to find a use for plenty of Derian's other pieces.

Love the thought of this lettered box on an end table to manage the half a dozen remote controls we have. ($14.99 each)
This storage box would be a great place to store keepsake mail and cards (I have several boxes of this sort, and look through them on days when I'm down). ($12.99)
Is it just me, or would it be SO much easier to keep receipts organized if they were in something beautiful like this accordion file? ($3.99 each)

The butterfly pattern below reminds me of something that would cost $80 at Anthropologie. ($9.99-$12.99 each)
Speaking of Anthropologie, the below "Encourage good intentions" tray (as well as several of the other lettered items I'm showing) have a similar feel to these ahh-mazing love letter sheets my blogging work friend Leah pictured in her birthday list. And, let's not forget the fact that I love blatant reminders of wise words. ($12.99 each)
I am in LOVE with this blue lattice frame, and wish the pattern was more widely available in this line. ($9.99 each)
Um, hello perfection in a cake plate, I've only been searching for you forEVER. ($14.99)
I missed out on the Liberty of London version of this wonderful 3-tiered stand, so even if I skip over everything else in Derian's collection, I plan to get my hands on this. ($14.99)
I've been wanting a tray for on top of our leather storage ottoman, but haven't found one I love. This just might fit the bill, and is apparently going to be available in other patterns as well. ($19.99)

Finally, these mismatched appetizer plates have no use in my home, but I couldn't resist posting them solely for the fact that I'm picturing a couple of the clover ones around the house during my favorite St. Patty's Day time. ($1.99 each)

(Images from all over the web, but at some point to someone they were courtesy of Target)

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That three-tiered stand is gorgeous! I love it.

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