Monday, August 9, 2010

My name is Kelly...

...and I want this kitchen. Very very badly -

...only, minus the random purple side of the island cabinet. And plus some color up on the top of the wall to better contrast the subway tile backsplash. Other than that, I'm in love.

And while we're on the topic of things I love, check out this cloud-like looking light fixture -

Super simple DIY here, friends: The thing is made of - get this - a regular old paper lantern covered in bunched up coffee filters. Uh, yeah. Genius.

Considering the above project would probably run a grand total of maybe $30, I'm thinking it could be a good alternative to the insanely expensive Lotus Flower Chandelier from my original bedroom mood board.

Clearly, the two pieces are not the same - But the roundness and the textured shape are still there, and I'm all for saving a couple hundred bucks and still ending up with something different and fun looking! My only concern would be the brightness factor, as our overhead is the only light source in the bedroom and I like my rooms BRIGHT.

In other news, my bike got stolen out of our garage yesterday afternoon, and the incident has (of course) sent me into a total state of panic. We accidentally left the big service door open and my bike was right in plain sight, so while I can't say I'm surprised that it was swiped, I am a little thrown off by the fact that something was stolen off of my property. I'm attempting to convince myself that it was likely just a stupid kid screwing around and there's not actual dangerous thieves trolling the neighborhood or anything... but, who knows. Thankfully, I paid a whopping $30 for my craigslist bike, so it wasn't a huge financial loss.

(Kitchen and bedroom images, as well as light fixture design, from Kara Paisley Designs)

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