Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I should be sleeping...

...but instead I am trolling the internet and clicking on every link imaginable through Twitter and my favorite blogs.

SO, I stumbled on this awesome little roundup of quick and simple DIY projects via a friend's Twitter, and I am feeling UUBER inspired by several of them.

First, colorful glass bottles grouped together as a centerpiece. Considering I constantly see funky little vases and jars at thrift stores and the dollar store that are just begging me to buy them, I am officially going to try this. Soon. It's reminiscent of Martha's mercury glass project I still haven't tried, but maybe even prettier, and with all the color options I can imagine.

Then there's the DIY tablecloth, which I can't seem to stop brainstorming about. I see plain white tablecloths on clearance ALL the time, and we bought a set of fabric markers for Halloween this year, so it's just too easy of a project to pass up. I'm loving the idea of spinning this into a tradition somehow - maybe putting some white fabric and all of the markers out each time we have a get-together and asking people to decorate it? It'd be a welcomed change from the $3 themed plastic covers I always pick up at the party store to protect my beloved table from drinks when we have parties!

The last project on the list that really caught my eye involves a product that I just can't believe I've never heard of before - Plasti-Dip. It's literally LIQUID plastic, and you can dip just about anything into it ending with a rubbery glorious coating. I googled the heck out of this product and surprisingly didn't find much, but rest assured, my mind is running wild thinking of all the things I could transform with a gallon of this stuff. While I have plenty of my own ideas my first Plasti-Dip excursion would likely be a total knockoff of one of the pictured projects - I have a paper crane my sister made me years ago for my birthday that's unfortunately gotten a bit beat up over two moves but with a coat of shiny white Plasti-Dip it looks like I could instantly turn it into a treasured, sturdier piece that would look gorgeous sitting on a shelf (kinda like this little guy, minus the piggy bank part of it huh?)

Now that I've stayed up well past my bedtime (again), who wants to go thrifting this weekend and find stuff we can coat in paint and cover in liquid plastic?

(All images from here)

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