Friday, November 5, 2010

Sunburst Mirrors

With a shocking amount of free time ahead of us this weekend, we've kicked around the idea of finally painting the hallway in the Dolphin Fin from Behr gray color that I'm surprisingly still in love with months after testing it out in little squares on the walls. Unfortunately, there's a corner at the top of the stairs that's going to need some of Dan's handiwork before we can paint, so I'm not sure a gorgeous gray hallway is actually feasible THIS weekend... but I'm staying optimistic!

Regardless of if we paint or not, I'm hard at work planning out our little entryway, with this previously posted picture serving as my inspiration:

I've already got a console table ($10 on craigslist forever ago and painted Kelly green!) and 2 baskets that sit underneath it for extra storage. I bought a GREAT yellow planter that I'm hoping will keep my basil plant going through the winter that would look perfect on the table, and my DIY Grandma's buttons frame is currently sitting pretty there as well. While I have a lamp base that I found at Target for $4 that would look incredible on the table... I don't have a socket there to plug it into, so I'll have to work on finding somewhere else for that. In general, all I really need to copycat the above look in my own way is a fabulous sunburst mirror, which I can assure you from all of my googling generally runs WAY out of my price range.

Lucky for me, I'm obsessed with the blogosphere, and my trolling led me to this beauty today -

...and wouldn't you know it, that gorgeous white focal piece is DIY (!!!) with a cheap round mirror, a hot glue gun, some sticks, and a can of white spray paint. I'm in love. (I'm also in love with that chunky buffet style piece, but I'm trying not to get sidetracked).

Of course following my squeal about the above I set out on a hunt for more DIY sunburst mirrors, and was pleasantly surprised with several other insanely simple projects for different looks.

This one is made from rolled up pages from magazines, which you know I have plenty of laying around -
This is made out of CEREAL BOXES!! -

This is incredible, but probably a little more complicated than I'm up for -

A quick trip to Michael's can potentially make a DIY sunburst mirror like the above a quick, easy, and dirt cheap version of something expensive. I'm excited to figure out the best way to do one for our house!

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