Thursday, January 13, 2011

$140 Bath

Overall, I think we've gotten pretty lucky with our house in the sense that we haven't had a ton of emergency projects come up in the time we've been here. In fact, between flooding, dead cats and furnace scares, the majority of our unexpected issues have been in the basement.

Until last weekend, when Dan called me to say that he took a bath... and when he came downstairs there was water in the dining room. Not good.

I showered at my mom's the next morning and Dan called a plumber right away, who came out that day while I was at work. I spent the day mentally preparing myself to come home to a hefty plumbing bill and half of the dining room ceiling being cut out. Thankfully, the plumber was able to see without cutting into the ceiling at all that the problem was simply with the tub overfill drain, which we hadn't tightened properly the last time Dan cleaned out the drain pipes. So, when Dan took his bath (which we rarely do, or this would have happened months ago), the water hit the overfill line, and instead of going where it was supposed to, it went through the ceiling below and into the dining room. According to Dan, it took the plumber a grand total of about 12 minutes to put a new piece on the drain, and then charged us $140 for it, which is ridiculous - but it could have been MUCH worse! The dining room ceiling does have some damage that will have to be repaired, but it isn't urgent, and we can at least shower in the meantime!

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