Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

Sunday afternoon graced us with perfectly gorgeous weather, and I joined my dad and Manda at my aunt and uncle's house for a BBQ. At some point I mentioned that I needed to run home to let Louie out, and they suggested I just bring him back over to hang out in the yard. Manda also went and picked up Cosmo, and total chaos ensued for a bit while the two brothers got out their typical excitement over seeing each other. Eventually, they calmed down (though not for long), and I got a couple shots of my Louie Louie that are new favorites. Seeing as we got the dogs towards the end of August last year and they were 8 weeks old... this week is likely where their 1 year birthday falls! Dan and I decided months ago we would celebrate Louie's birthday on the day we got him, but knowing that will be a bit past his real day of birth, I'm going to go ahead and call these Louie's 1 year photos :).

Isn't he cute?

And, here's a cute picture of Manda with Cosmo

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