Monday, June 20, 2011

First Harvest

I don't know if it's the perfect mix of sunshine and rain that we've had so far in June, or just sheer luck, but my herb garden is flourishing, and I am loving it!

Just in time for taco night a couple weeks ago, I gathered a plate full of garlic chives, cilantro and mint from my garden.

Unfortunately I forgot about the garlic chives and they went to waste, but I'm prepared with recipes the next time they're ready for clipping! The mint and cilantro went to great use though - I muddled the mint and added it to lemonade, and I used the cilantro in homemade salsa, as a garnish on my (DELICIOUS) shrimp tacos AND I also added it to rice with lime juice for an excellent knockoff of the addictive rice at Chipotle. Clearly, I was giddy with excitement about having so much cilantro to use, seeing as every time I've tried to grow it in the past has been a disappointment.

(Amazing what a little natural light does for a photo huh?)

My basil is thriving so I have big plans to make my first batch of pesto for the year tonight, provided I can find pine nuts at a reasonable price. And, since I tend to think chips and salsa is a reasonable meal, I see more cilantro use in my future this week as well.

Happy Monday!

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